Monday, August 15, 2016

Random again

A friend reminded me that my blog needs to be updated, and i need to continue writing like i used to love doing it when i was in primary school. Lols, that was a long time ago. But yeah, i used to write religiously daily..i'd make sure that my diary was updated( or diaries, i had lots of them), journals, made story books (used to call em story books, but its actually pieces of paper that i wrote stuffs, and put in a file..then i let my friends read and comment) and submitting some of my writings to competitions and newspapers also..haha. not really good at writing, but way back..that was my hobby i think. I still remember, when we were in UK, i quietly participated in a write about nature..and i got first prize..which was a big book full of nature facts, and u can smell the thing (i mean flowers/trees, environment) from each page. That has to be the best prize of all. And all the pocket money i got from winning anything from all my submissions. Funtimes.hehe.
Nowadays, i dont even write diaries nor journals or whatsoever. But i do have a diary looking still so new, with nothing inside. Bahaha. I also have lot of notebooks, but no journals written too. Why so lazy.. Its nice that my ol friend reminded me to do so, and i shall try my best to randomly write anything daily, be it here or my notebooks..of course work mails doesnt count.hehe.

 Its 2am, and i am still not sleepy. Been drinking a lot of coffee today, so maybe that is why..

Oh well, try to sleep lah..gambatte for powerworkkk tomorrow..its Monday guys! #ilovemyjob


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